Friday, May 07, 2004

The only appropriate first post 

(21:40:46) me: I gotta get me one of them blogs. I'm still working on that.
(21:40:55) lorna: oh yeah? get one on blogger
(21:40:58) lorna: they're free
(21:41:02) me: Yeah, it's just such a pain to set up.
(21:41:05) lorna: no it's not!
(21:41:13) lorna: what name you want?
(21:41:21) me: I dunno. It's really hard to think of one.
(21:41:54) lorna: what's your email address?
(21:41:55) me: What if Blogger isn't the best one? I don't have a server either.
(21:42:10) lorna: blogger will work well for you
(21:42:16) lorna: i can explain more.... later
(21:42:21) lorna: but first tell me your email
(21:42:29) me: Yeah, I understand. Let's go with [this]
(21:44:13) lorna: http://mindpoison.blogspot.com/
(21:44:20) lorna: mind/poison
(21:44:23) lorna: www.blogger.com
(21:44:24) lorna: now go!
(21:44:32) me: Huh?
(21:44:37) lorna: you have a blog
(21:44:39) lorna: i just made you one
(21:44:44) lorna: you can change any piece of it
(21:44:45) me: Whoa. It all happened so fast.
(21:44:54) lorna: haha yeah blogs are like that
(21:45:19) me: Huh.
(21:45:20) me: Whoa.
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