Friday, May 18, 2007

Profiles in Courage 

Hi, I just wanted to point out two recent examples of courage I came across.

The first is from Diane Feinstein, calling for a [meaningless] vote of no confidence in Gonzales.

FEINSTEIN: I join with Sen. Schumer in saying I think the time has come for the Senate to express its will. And that will is simply to say that we lack confidence in Attorney General Gonzales. I don’t like saying this. I very much regret saying it. I want to say exactly the opposite. But in view of what I know, I can’t.
Hm, yes, the will of the senate is to say that they lack confidence in Gonzales. Wow. Clearly they are still riding strong on the mandate of the 2006 elections.

The second is from the Washington Post's editorial today.

The president would like to make this unpleasant controversy disappear behind the national security curtain. That cannot be allowed to happen.
I totally agree. Fortunately, you are one of the nation's premier newspapers. So I assume this means that you are going to assign reporters to stay on this case to the bitter end, and continue to publish their stories on the front page? Because if there was anyone who could prevent this controversy from disappearing, it would be you.

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