Friday, July 22, 2005

On Movie Ratings 

The other night, we watched Back to the Future again, which I had not seen in many years. Holy crap, I said to myself, he said said "Shit!" I heard "shit" at least 5 times, and there was an "asshole."

Now, I remember being shown this movie when I was 6 at the YMCA. So I was like, "Wow, I never knew this movie was PG-13." Cuz, you know, you can bust out a few "shits" and still slide in as PG-13, you know, when it's funny and Will Smith is saying it. So imagine my surprise when I checked, and Back to the Future was actually PG. How times change.

Speaking of movies rated R, Wedding Crashers is fantastic. It's rated R, it's hilarious, it's charming, and it's much better than you expect.
on a similar note, watch the film blazing saddles... then realize that you could never make that film today.

far too offensive. no studio in the world now would likely even accept money to produce it for free.
PG-13 wasn't really in use yet when BTTF came out (just missed, chronologically). I had the same reaction when I just saw ET for the first time in many years; I suppose a nice side-effect of the PG-13 rating is that PG's are likely to be pretty well sanitized.
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