Friday, July 22, 2005

Notes on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

I'm trying to think of other examples of memorable musicals being remade, and I can't. The oompa loompa song? Everyone knows that song, right?

Anyways, this movie is a remake, so I believe I've already written about that. The only reason for this post, really, is to point out that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a sort of really obvious allegory about proper child-raising technique. I mean, I shouldn't have to point this out; it's like a kiddy version of Se7en.

So the irony dial was at 11 when this little kid behind us talked throughout the movie. Not that he was carrying on a conversation, but he would blurt out his little observations really loud, like "He got small!" or "He's got braces on!" I don't know how old this kid was, so maybe he's a genius for his age, but I distinctly recall from as long as I can remember, it was made very, very clear to me that you do not talk during a movie. Can't recall ever going to the movies and feeling free to just shout out something like "It's a river of chocolate!" while the movie is showing a river of chocolate. The parents seemed to think this was cute or something, because they made no effort at all to hush this kid.
of course they wouldn't hush their obnoxious little rugrat.

i bet they applaud graciously when he shits his pants.
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