Monday, June 07, 2004

Video iPod, Schmideo iPod 

You want this.

For Mac and PC, of course (a fact that is prominently advertised). This is exactly the sort of product Apple needs to be producing right now, and I hope this is a sign that more and more of what Apple produces will start being produced in this arrangement: the right audience at the right price point.

This thing is sure to be a hit. If you just wanted a wireless router, it would already be compelling due to its size and portability. The wireless stereo aspect is icing, and highly imaginative (sexy, if you will). I would be surprised if anyone else had anything like this even in development as of today, and I imagine that there's something patentable here to give Apple a certain amount of breathing room in the market.

Apple is taking another huge step down the road to creating a unique, desirable product lineup that is highly integrated. The value to stepping into the Apple universe just keeps getting larger and larger for consumers. Just wait til they introduce a wireless iPod. Guess which other products it will work well with. Guess which ones it won't work with.
actually, you can get wireless fm transmitters that send audio out on the 88.1 frequency. they're not nearly as cool or impressive as apple's dealie, but there has been the ability to beam audio *and* video wirelessly for some time now.
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Yeah, I know. I always get these nitpicky comments pointing out stuff that's related, but not really relevant. So what? I've seen those things. They're not the same thing. A product is not a capability!

Imagine if you showed me a handheld calculator, and I responded, "Actually, we've been able to do all that math with this here pen and paper for some time now." Even if those FM transmitters were also pocket-sized 802.11g wireless routers/repeaters in addition, it still wouldn't be as cool as what this thing does (unless you think those CD-to-tape converters you can jam in an old car stereo sound great).
I listen via a CD to tape converter in my car. The sound sucks, but not in the way that it hurts the listening experience; pretty much because you don't know what you're missing.

I have some expensive, very nice, very large speakers (15 inch bass; beat that-- it takes two people to move a speaker or one strong guy with a handtruck). Anyway, listening to music on them at the correct ear level is a completely different experience. It makes listening to any well produced CD seem like you're watching a movie instead. Poe's "Haunted" album, for example, was expertly produced. Songs with mediocre producers just sound mediocre, and you might as well be listening on a crappy system.

Anyway, I haven't listened to all of my CDs on them, but for some it's like a completely new album.
unfortunately the only way i know of to listen to an iPod in your car is either by fm transmitter on 88.1 or through a tape adapter.

i would hafta say the tape adapter is far superior to the 88.1 fm transmitter as far as sound quality goes.
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