Sunday, August 15, 2004

Bad Interviewing 

Now here's something interesting from Econopundit, for a change. Check out this interview with Ray Fair in the New York Times, by some asshat with the slimmest fraction of his intelligence. Claire and I read this maddening interview at the same time, incredibly frustrated at the interviewer. She doesn't seem to understand that you can want someone to win, and believe that they won't, or that he might actually be motivated by a desire for a deeper understanding of what drives elections than what he wants to have happen.

The line that really pisses me off is when she said "It saddens me that you teach this to students at Yale, who could be thinking about society in complex and meaningful ways."

I get a little flavor of this when I tell people about Fair's book (which I finished reading a couple of months ago). They don't quite think I'm a Bush supporter, though. I think in the end he "wins" the discussion, by having her prove his point.
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