Friday, November 12, 2004

Warhammer 40k Blogging 

Forgive me for geeking out here. I just had two of the most wonderful Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War online games ever. I know no one will understand any of this, because you just won't give the game a chance. If you want to try to make this somewhat coherent (bless you) check out this unit guide.

The first game I played was a 2 on 2 game. Our opponents got together and rushed me early. Since one of the players was playing as Orks, I got my hands on a heavy bolter the only way I could without an armory: by upgrading the nearest listening post (usually this is seen as a waste of requisition). That started beating back the orcs, but it was so early in the game that I still had almost no units to fight back with. All of a sudden, a pink eldar army mosies over from nowhere and starts beating them back.

"Thanks," I said to my teammate. "Hey, we're a team right?" he replied. Incredible. I've never had a teammate come to my rescue, even when I'm asking for help. He came by unasked. I told him that he was the first non-bozo teammate I'd ever been paired with.

After the great mass of their forces were broken, we established clear control of the center. Since my teammate and I controlled the center of the map, and had most of the strategic points, we were going to win by a control-area victory, so we just sat there and waited (not by coordination, we both just knew that we could sit and wait). That was going to be a boring 6 minutes, though, so I built a tactical squad consisting entirely of rocket launchers, and used some undercover scouts to look around the nearest guy's territory. He had some listening posts, so I decided to attack his economy and had my rocket squad destroy those in no time. However many units this guy had, he wasn't going to be building very many more, so me and my teammate just went in for total annihilation (he dropped, of course, but it was still fun).

The other game was a bit later. I came into a 1 on 1 game with some guy playing as orks on a map I was unfamiliar with. This map has basically two valleys going to a river that divides the territories, so I divided my troops and had them stand at each of the two guarding my territory. Since I knew I was playing against orks, I got heavy bolters into as many hands as possible as soon as possible.

Soon enough, he brought some masses over to one of the valleys I was guarding. He must have been surprised when half my army totally destroyed his first wave (a pathetic number of marines compared to his ork masses...it was the heavy bolters). Unfortunately, his next wave was much harder. He started building wartraks, and they started pounding my troops. Since they all had heavy bolters, I couldn't get any rocket launchers over to destroy the wartraks soon enough, and had to fight them off by moving the rest of my army from the other valley. Obviously, this was costly.

While this was all going on, I had an undercover scout squad spying in his territory: one of his valleys was totally empty, and led right to his base. When I saw this, I remembered a game I had played the other night. It was a 3 on 3 game, and one of my teammates put out a call for help, but I was far away. I told him I was on my way to help, but he said, "No, just attack his base. It'll pull him back." It worked.

So when this guy attacked me again, and I didn't have the firepower to beat him off, instead of moving some marine squads from the other side of the map, I rushed them to his base and attacked. They got chewed up pretty badly, but it did pull him back from my other troops.

As fast as I could, I started building marine squads and then a machine cult, so I could bring some dreadnoughts over. Cleaning up the intrusion onto my territory took some time, but I finally cleaned him out and started building up forces. I got all the tech I could as fast as I could, because I had the requisition to spare and knew that his next wave was going to be killer, and his base was very near the point of contention, so he could get his troops to battle quickly. As part of this, I built several predators and terminator squads.

His next wave was huge and filled with vehicles, while most of my army was still stuck with heavy bolters (which don't do much to vehicles). However, his other valley was still empty. I ran two predators, fully decked out with four lascannons each to the edge of his base. I also brought my force commander over and ran straight into his base, and he called in orbital bombardment on his base. The few buildings that survived were being destroyed by the predators' lascannons, and he congratulated me on my victory.

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