Sunday, February 20, 2005

More on Linux (I was right) 

So, when I wrote the previous post, I was too lazy to find the old article I wrote about whether Gnome should adopt Mono. But I got bored today, so I dug it out. Sure enough, I predicted that if the Mono-proponents were allowed to continue implementing software with it (without clarity about the fate of Mono in Gnome), Gnome would be unable to resist adopting it eventually:

However, this isn't a debate Mono fans want to have right now (and Nat Friedman pretty much said as much). Whatever the reason for this oddly SCO-like delaying instinct, it does have another effect. By delaying the decision, Mono benefits from this uncertainty with respect to the Gnome project's decision; people will continue to write more and more software with Mono that is meant for the Gnome eco-system. When it does come time to make a decision, there will be so much Mono-based software that it will be hard for Gnome to turn it all down.

Nicely played, Mono guys.
Well played Mind Poison... I really can't imagine anyone sane building a GUI in a language lower-level than C# or Java. (Unless they are working on legacy apps, of course.) The system for making such interfaces is so much simpler, and the VM/Platform layer abstracts away much of the resource management issues, though not all of them.

(And, I don't know what exactly Microsoft thought it was doing in designing the MFC. Such artificial complexity, I barf when reading any of the detailed entries on Raymond Chen's blogs about how to get, for example, check boxes to work 100% of the time... cause there are just these obscure edge cases that are there just because no one could refactor the system into something better.)
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