Monday, June 28, 2004

Notes on Dodgeball 

Actually, we saw this movie like a week ago. I just don't really have much to say about it. It was funny, I guess. Not that funny, but funny. I guess.

The thing that really bothered me was how amateur it felt. It was like it was slapped together. I'm not expecting a movie like this to be brilliant, but there is a certain minimum level of competence that you should have before attempting it. Transitions feel forced, and when the movie finds itself in an unexpectedly optimistic situation, it subtly proceeds to kill a main character with a falling sign. You know, to restore the tension. It wasn't even that funny. The Naked Gun movies were way sillier, but at least they could hang together from scene to scene, and not feel so heavy handed.

Also, the movie is filled with lots of totally unfunny gags. Apparently a cameo by a has-been celebrity is now a sure-fire joke that cracks people up (I'm not counting the Lance Armstrong thing here) four or five times in a movie. And can someone please explain to me the "Joanie Loves Chachi!" thing? Does anyone actually get that? Is there something to get there? I know it was a show, but I don't see how yelling that at them right then is funny. Everyone must have seen it 40 times in the trailers and commercials, yet they still laughed again. I must be missing something. On the other hand: "ESPN 8. The Ocho."
I totally agree. The funniest part of the movie was after the credits, but that was ripped off from from some internet thing, I believe.

Actually I really liked the inflatable codpiece. That was hilarious.
A movie called dodgeball is unfunny and you're surprised? Even the jokes in the preview were forced. It seemed to be using Stiller-as-a-brand to trick you into thinking it was a Wes Anderson movie or something. I mean, usually you can wait these things out for a week or two to see if they reach the critical mass all good comedies get.
well, it has ben stiller.

that right there is the problem.

i'm guessing that at some point, a pathetic looking animal was horribly mutilated in some fashion, and once again ben stiller proves that he was never properly taught by his parents on how to use a bathroom/toilet properly. ever notice, he always has problems with a toilet exploding or overflowing, or getting caught with his pants down and his hand stuck in the bowl?

sadly two of my heros, stephen root and rip torn were duped into being in this film. i guess they must owe somebody, or something.

i'm not even gonna bother renting/downloading it.
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