Monday, July 19, 2004

Notes on The Door in the Floor 

When I saw this movie with Claire, I remember fighting the urge to light up my watch, so that I could find out how much longer the movie was. Eventually, I gave in, and was dismayed to find that the movie still had more than an hour to go. Now, even at that point, I didn't think the movie was bad. I liked a lot of it, and didn't have any particular problem with it or what it was doing. But I felt very idle and bored, and either wanted something to happen, or the movie to end.

But now, a few days later, I can't remember why I was so ready for the movie to be done. I remember liking the acting and the writing at that time, and the cinematography was great. As I walked out of the theater, I told Claire that in a few days, I was only going to have good feelings about the movie, like summer camp. Sure enough, I feel that the movie was great and powerful, and Jeff Bridges was amazing, and so forth.

Well, one thing I remember was that the first half of the movie was mostly awkward sexual situations. Like Jeff Bridges stripping naked and showering in front of the guy he just met (don't worry ladies, you get to see the tush). Or our main character getting caught masturbating twice. And of course those awkward "first time" moments with a 50 year old woman. And getting caught bending that same woman over the bed by her 4 year old daughter. And of course, those conversations with her husband, your employer (awkward!).

But hey, it had good stuff, and even if you're bored during the movie, you might find that you can't remember why, and only remember that you liked the good stuff.


i'll prolly hafta check it out. jeff bridges is usually quite a badass in anything he does.
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