Monday, August 23, 2004

Notes on Jacob's Ladder 

If you asked me to name an Adrian Lyne movie, I would have only been able to name his version of Lolita (which I actually liked a lot). I didn't find out he did Jacob's Ladder until the opening credits rolled. Now that I look into it, Adrian Lyne turns out to be responsible for a lot of horrible movies, like Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, and Indecent Proposal. But I was impressed by Jacob's Ladder.

The movie reminded me a bit of The Cell; it's kind of an excuse to show some really disturbing, confusing imagery. But that makes it sound like it's no better, and really it is very good. Instead of some contrived trek through a disturbed mind, it's a strange "What's going on here?" movie, kind of like The Sixth Sense, or Abre Los Ojos. It certainly kept me interested to the end, and the solution in the end didn't wind up being as dumb as I expected (However, it did have some unnecessary aspects...the movie would have worked without some of what is revealed).

In any case, I found it thrilling and creepy, and pretty worthwhile if you're into that sort of thing.

It was also way better than Vanilla Sky.
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