Saturday, November 13, 2004

What I'm Reading 

The Final Hours of Half-Life 2
Finally, so many questions answered. This is a long article, but it's a fascinating look at a process you never see. When the media frenzy started about the delay and the source theft and all that, I figured we'd someday have this article to fill in all the weird stuff that happened for us.

Beautiful But Wrong: The Floating Hourglass Puzzle
I first found this full book on Rich Burridge's blog. Specifically, pages 130 to 138 are really fun to read. I'm sure I'll find some other good stuff in here too when I get a chance to look around.

Monopolies of the mind
I suppose it's nice to note that no less a publication than The Economist has now bashed US patent policy. I'm sure it's all going to start changing now.

Ballpark Figures
If you're not in the DC area, you probably don't know or care that the mayor of DC is about to spend half a billion taxpayer dollars to get the fabulous Montreal Expos to move to DC and build a stadium. The idea is that this stadium will revitalize Southeast DC with all the economic benefits it will bring. Jacob Sullum points out what is obvious to any moron: that this is a really stupid idea.

Is there another copy of the hour-glass pdf? It's 404'd.
i think he's too busy playing half life 2 to notice at the moment...
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