Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Notes on S.W.A.T. 

Another horrid movie that might have had something interesting. Judging from the ads, I thought the idea of a major criminal declaring in front of the media that he would give a fortune to the criminals that got him out. Improbable, sure, but it was a situation that had the potential to provide the sort of 90 minute thrill ride I haven't seen since Speed. Were it a badly done thrill ride, that could have even been acceptable.

Instead, the movie is basically a weird "trying to make it on the force" buddy film for the first 80%, and then suddenly switches to the "I'll give $100 million to whoever gets me out of here" plot at the end so that it has a climactic action sequence. It really doesn't work, and another interesting concept is wasted.
interesting to note that the villians in both speed and swat die under similiar conditions in the same fashion.

the film couldn't decide what it's focus was. it was basically just a clusterfuck of ideas that didn't really have any real formation or even low development.
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