Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What's Next 

About a year before Apple announced iTunes for Windows, The Register spotted a job posting on Apple's site. It called for a Windows programmer for the iTunes team. Wasn't hard to figure out what that meant.

This one is a little bit harder, but it sounds good, whatever it is.

Yeah, I don't thing the article is really getting the right hints: in a year or so, the hard drives are going to be so big, you wouldn't really need streaming from your computer: everything would already be local (unless I guess you wanted internet radio on your iPod, in which case you wouldn't need the computer inbetween; you'd just get it directly from the wifi connection).

The tablet idea seems attractive, however. Hopefully it will do better than the Newton.

Just today at school we were talking about how we use our laptops and not our desktops so much anymore. The reason being that you have all of your latest work on the laptop, and you get out of sync with the desktop, so you just ignore it. But carrying around a hard drive sounds perfect. If I could just bring an iPod to the computer lab, work on all of my stuff, and then bring it home to work on my desktop, that would be great.

Anyway, this could mean more addressbook, contact book features; or even email archiving/reading, will come to the iPod.
Well, the way I read that, that's how they meant "remote control." Not as an intermediary between the main computer with iTunes and the Airport Express, but as a self-contained streamer to the AE.

I do agree that something like the iPod could potentially be the "key" we plug into whatever computer we're sitting at. That would be great.
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