Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Liberal Cocooning 

Matt Drudge may have been white-washing the exit poll results, but he turned out to be right. What the democrats are doing, convincing themselves that there is a chance Kerry will somehow pull over 100,000 votes out of Ohio, is much worse. This is not the 500 votes in Florida. Bush has won it, and if you were looking at the county-by-county vote last night at about 10pm, this was obvious.

Of course, I don't blame the Kerry camp for not doing anything rash. You never know, and this is very, very close. It's perfectly valid to want to be sure before making an announcement.

But let's not kid ourselves, folks. Even assuming that somehow, those 250,000 uncounted Ohio votes actually broke 2:1 for Kerry (which is what it would take), any road to Kerry victory leads through the courts, and we know where that road ends.

Wow, there's large delay at blogger.com, cause the time this was visible your message is already moot.
Are you sure you have the timestamps right? When I wrote this at 9am ET this morning, the news that Kerry had conceded was not going to break for two more hours.
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